Order of Friars Minor in Great Britain 

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Further reading

To read an article on the history of the Province since 1829 click here

To read a lecture on the Franciscans in England given at Canterbury on 10th September 2009 click here.

For an account of the friars in our Province who have been canonised or beatified click here

To read the book Franciscans and the Protestant Revolution in England by Francis Borgia Steek, OFM, published in 1920 (and now digitized by Google and made available online) click on the following link:

To read from the book Collections Illustrating the History of the Catholic Religion by the Very Rev. George Oliver, D.D., published in 1857, the section entitled "Brief Notices of Some Writers of the English Franciscan Province Since the Era of the Reformation" (digitized by Google and made available online), click on the following link: 

To read The Observant Friars of Greenwich from "British History Online" which is probably the most authoritative online source on the subject with a link also to The Observant Friars of Canterbury, click on the following link:

For a list of all the Ministers Provincial of the Province from Agnellus of Pisa in 1224 to the present day click here

THE PROVINCIAL ARCHIVES: Current archives are kept in the office of the Provincial Secretary in Woodford. The historical archives (that is, material more than fifty years old) are kept in Canterbury. The archivist gave an oversight of these in a talk in 2010. To read a synopsis click here To view the illustrations shown on that occasion click here
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