Order of Friars Minor in Great Britain 



The Troubadour appears two or three times a year. It is described as "A Missionary Magazine at the service of
  • The Franciscan Missionaries from the United Kingdom working throughout the world but especially in disaster areas;
  • The Franciscan Missionary Union."
The provincial administration of the FMU and of the Troubadour is now based in our Friary in Glasgow, where it can rely on a wide circle of generous supporters.
Holy Family painting
Volume 61 No 1 Winter 2016
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India's Inter-Faith Welcome Centre

Also in this edition:
  • Makwababa to Baldas Kraal
  • Thank you from Sudan
  • Bhutan convert becomes Catholic priest
  • Wolf Pack
  • Six tiny stories with great meanings

Distributing water
 Vol. 60 No.4 Autumn 2016
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Gospel Road Experience

Also in this edition:
  • Desmond McGuire OFM RIP 
  • Drought Picturesque
  • To be a Pilgrim 
  • A Boy Singing to his Little Sister
  • Time to Ponder
  • I Love This

A new born baby
 Vol. 60 No. 2 & 3 Spring & Summer 2016
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Compact Disc Read-Only Memory

Also in this edition:
  • Con O’Connell OFM RIP
  • Memories of Friar Tom Tshabalala
  • Catholic Education Week
  • Sunday humour
  • Million thanks

 Vol. 60 No. 1 Winter 2015
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Education: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Also in this edition:
  • John Forest Dougherty OFM RIP
  • Lights by Seamus Mulholland OFM
  • How we take going to school for granted!
  • Walking the Dog
  • Quote
  • The Haircut
  • FMU Grand Draw Results
  • Sunday Humour
  • Colouring Page.

Vol. 59 No. 3 & 4 Autumn 2015
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Fr Joachim School, Jawalgera, India 

Also in this edition:

  • Robert Stewart OFM RIP
  • Thanks from Pakistan School
  • Thank you for new hall in Blaauwbosch
  • Ingter-Faith Welcome Centre construction update
  • Warm greetings from Kottur Mission
  • The Foundation of the Order in Ghana
  • A Shaggy Dog Story
  • Sunday Humour
  • Laudato Si'

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