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From time to time a visitor will ask a question or seek information which we feel may be of interest to a wider circle of readers. So we will share here with all our readers the kind of questions and the answers that we have given to them.

A selection of these questions and the answers they were given will be published here. Needless to say, we never publish the names of enquirers: all questions remain anonymous.

Monks & Friars

What is the difference between Monks and Friars?

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What is a "Chapter of Mats"?

Find out how for Friars the words "chapter" and "mats" make sense in the same sentence.

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What is the "Tau Cross"?

How did St Francis come to adopt the "T" shaped sign of the Cross?

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What is a "Guardian"?

Discover that for Friars it's not only the name of a British newspaper!

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