(from the Latin “Postulare” - “to ask”)  

Candidates to the Franciscan Order begin their journey as Postulants, spending almost a year living as laymen, in a Franciscan Community, engaging in various aspects of the life, by prayer, liturgy and retreats, workshops and reading, work and help in and out of the friary, and by times of recreation and visits to other friaries and places of interest. 

The Postulants do not have the obligations of Friars but share as laymen in a Franciscan Fraternity. They do not wear any habit except the Franciscan “Tau” cross. 
During this time of discernment and discovery, they are helped by visiting Friars and lay persons skilled in spiritual, psychological and emotional maturity , in order to grow in qualities necessary for Franciscan Religious Life and Ministry in the 21st Century. 
The Postulant is free to leave the Postulancy or be advised to do so by the Formators, at any stage of this period.