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Franciscans (OFM) Home Page

Welcome to the web site of the Province of the Immaculate Conception of the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) in Great Britain. 

We hope that this site will allow you to learn something about the life and work of St Francis and those who follow him today. 

One of the most impressive facts about St Francis is that today his followers, both men and women, are spread into practically every country of the world.  But in our own way, and in the culture in which we find ourselves, we try to follow the inspiration of this great saint.  

Franciscan Provinces are all different, so here we have put together not only general information about the Franciscan way of life, but, more specifically, how it is lived today in England, Wales and Scotland. 

You will also find here some ‘source’ material by which we hope to share a little of our love for the Spirit of St Francis. 

You may browse as you please, but if you are looking for specific items why not consult the Guide to the Website: click here

Below is a list of the most recent additions to this website for the benefit of regular visitors.

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N.B.  For several months some of our hyperlinks (where you are invited to "click here") have not been functioning properly or at all.  The fault has now been found and rectified: they should now all be functioning normally. If you come across any that are not, please notify the webmaster at webmaster@friar.org


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3 July 2013: revision of Definitory November meeting date - Events click here

26 March 2013:  Diamond Jubilee of Ordination for Quentin Jackson - Nottingham News click here

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17 January 2013:  The Funeral of Br John Harding - Craigmillar News click here
Order of Service click here; Homily click here; Tribute from Africa click here.

6 January 2013:  Restoration of Greyfriars, Canterbury - Catnerbury News click here

5 January 2013:  Arrangements for Fr John Harding's funeral - News click here

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